Logon Information

This section describes how you can login and/or connect to the various services that come with your account.

Control Panel (cPanel)


  • The host is ftp.your-domain-name. (E.g. ftp.cscc.org.uk)
    Enter your FTP User and Password.
  • Multiple FTP Users can be setup.
  • Initially the cPanel Account Name and FTP User are the same with the same Passwords.
  • NOTE You'll see several directories. Your website files belong in the /www directory (which is linked to, same as the /public_html directory).


  • Browse to webmail.your-domain-name (unencrypted) or your-domain-name/webmail (encrypted).
    (E.g. webmail.cscc.org.uk or cscc.org.uk/webmail)
    Enter your Email Address (e.g. a.name@your-domain-name) and Password.
  • You have a choice of readers (Horde, Squirrel Mail and Round Cube). They are interchangeable, use whichever you prefer.
  • NB You need an Email Account for Webmail to work. It will not be available if you have an Email Forwarder.
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