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BCA Web Services is run by volunteers so we are keen to encourage “self-help” support.

Support is available from the following:

The Forum

This Wiki

  • Use the *Search* field to find information.
  • Please use the comments box to make suggestions.
  • If you would like to be able to update the wiki please ask.


  • Google often has the answers.


  • If all that fails please email the webmaster [at]


BCA does not provide a backup service.

You should ensure you make adequate backups yourself. This can be done using either:

  • FTP
    • Backup the entire /home directory. This includes your website, email accounts, usage log files, etc.
    • NB FTP will not backup any databases.
  • cPanel Backup
    • This will backup your entire account to the server's hard disk ready to download. This works well but only if you have enough spare disk space.
    • There is an option to just backup your databases.
  • phpMyAdmin
    • Is an alternative way to backup your databases.

NB BCA makes occasional backups of your accounts. These are not designed to preserve your data and should not be relied upon.

Last modified: 2020/03/05 20:28